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About Us

My Ways - the navigation system for public transport

The requirements for a navigation system in public transport go much further than just showing the right way.   At My Ways we strive to make indoor navigation worldwide easy to access and convenient to use. Our goal is to change the way indoor navigation as well as intersection and transfer point navigation is nowadays used by most of transportation providers. With our innovative approach, we take your customers by the virtual hand – guiding them conveniently and easy to access from A to B.

Our Products

Interlinked Navigation

Dedicated solution for public transport to ensure the physical interconnection of different services.

Advanced services

With Extended Services we offer your customers added value and help to market your interchange or station.

Security and people with disabilities

My Ways increases the sense of security for all travellers and at the same time we bring back a great deal of security for people with visual impairments when travelling on public transport. .

At My Ways we make indoor navigation easy and convenient to use.

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